About Us

Padded Labs

ANFJock and Jaystorm are the co-owners of Padded Labs, a company focused on creating safe places where like minded people can meet, chat, and share content.

We strive to have hate and judgement free communities, where people from all walks of life can enjoy. We are active in the communities that we build, and we listen to our members when it comes to adding more to the community.

Diaper-BOIS was the first community that we built back in 2004. Many sites have come and gone since then, and using the strategy above, we’ve stood the test of time as the best and longest running ABDL community, specifically for people who identify as non-female.

With your support, we can keep building these safe places making them more accessible, feature rich, and enjoyable to use! We will continue to do our part in creating a safe place for each of you ❤️